Hotel Sointu Järvenpää

Address: Asema-aukio, 04400 Järvenpää

Parking: Parking is available and free of charge at the garage next to the hotel. Access to the garage via Neuvoksenkuja or Helsingintie. Hotel Sointu’s spaces are numbered 1-37 and marked with the hotel’s sign. There is a separate gate to the hotel’s reserved spaces, which is open. In case the gate is closed, you will find the key code from your booking confirmation. Be sure to register the license plate number of your car at the ParkkiPate tablet on the ground floor of the hotel to avoid parking tickets. One registration is valid for 24 hours.

You may also park free of charge in front of the hotel. Between Monday and Friday parking is limited to max. 2 hours between 8am and 5pm. During the “business hours” a parking disc is required to mark the time of arrival.

Our customer service is available by phone 24/7